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CORE is a youth club for school years 6 – 8. On Fridays we meet from 6-7:30pm and everyone is welcome! We play sports outside when the weather’s good, have table tennis and a pool table indoors, and computer games for those who like to take things a bit slower! There is a great tuck shop and the chance to make crafty things. The high point of every week, just as we finish, is a little talk from the Bible, having a think about who God is and what that means for us. It’s a great time, full of fun and friendships; we would love to see you there.

Core Sundays

CORE also meets during The Eleven @ St John’s. This is a really exciting time as we dive deep into the Bible together to uncover what God has to say to us, and what difference that makes in our everyday lives. We play games and do crafts that help us unlock and apply more of what we’re learning.

FUSE is a youth club for school years 9 – 13. On Fridays we meet from 8-9.30pm to play lots of sport, hang out and chat, make things, and play computer games. We’re very relaxed and informal, and the best bit is coming together at the end of the night to think about God: if he’s real, who he is, what he’s done and why that matters. We open the Bible and look at whether Christianity is true and what that means. We’re very welcoming and love to see new faces!

FUSE meets after the evening service on Sundays. We hang out, eat pizza together and play games, then get really stuck into the Bible and listen to God speak to us through his word; we also love to sing God’s praises and pray together. It’s a wonderful place to grow friendships and, most importantly, to grow our relationship with God. We study again what we have looked at in the evening service and chat through exactly what it means for us to live as Christians in our schools, sports teams, hobbies and all of our lives.


Monday Night Bible Study

We meet together on Monday evenings from 7-8.30pm to study a book of the Bible every week during school term. These are great times to gather together around lovely food and drink and drill down deep into what God’s word says, how the Bible works, and how to understand and apply it. It’s a great time where we get to know God better: for those who are really serious about their faith, these evenings are not to be missed!

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