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St John’s supports a number of partners working around the world to spread the good news of Jesus Christ. Many of them grew up in our fellowship, and all have a particular link with our church. Please look at the pages below to discover more about some of our Global Action Partners.

Our Global Action Financial Appeal leaflet for 2020/21 is available by clicking on the link.

John and Sarah

We have been in West Africa as a family since 2014. John serves an audiovisual media consultant, producing and training others to produce Bible-based media. He works with several language teams on various projects such as creating multi-voice dramatised audio Scripture recordings, dubbing The Jesus Film or The Story of Genesis, and recording local musicians singing original Scripture-based songs. He also co-ordinates distribution via wireless distribution hubs known as BibleBoxes. Sarah currently ministers at home, as wife and mother, and keeps us connected to you through newsletters, prayer updates and personal messages.

Pray that all who hear God’s word will truly engage with it and come to know Jesus better. Pray that we ourselves would be deliberate in growing in knowledge and love of God and His Word, so that this will overflow in our ministry to one another, our children and our neighbours.

David and Janet


We’ve been living in West Africa since January 2015. We are working with a nearby unreached people group, with the long-term goal of helping them to translate the Bible into their language. In order to do this, David has been learning the language and building relationships with different partners in the community. In addition to looking after their two children, Janet is working part-time analyzing some of the language. Together with the local community, we have spent the last 18 months or so creating a dictionary. Recently published, we praise God that it has been well-received and has opened a number of doors.Now that the dictionary is finished, we hope, God-willing, to be ready to start translating portions of the Bible in about a year’s time. Before we can reach that point, we need to be sure that we understand well-enough how the language works so Janet needs to write-up a detailed linguistics paper. Additionally, David needs to do more research into the culture to better understand the beliefs and worldviews, and he needs to identify and train local translators. We would greatly value your prayers for all these things, particularly that we would make good decisions for the next steps in the project and wisdom for meeting the spiritual needs of the handful of believers.

Malcolm and Kerstin Gray

WEC International reaches out to people who have limited or no access to the good news of Jesus Christ, particularly where there is no church. They work to establish worshipping communities among these people. WEC ( has around 1,900 workers, from 52 countries, serving in multicultural teams among nearly 100 unreached people groups.

Malcolm & Kerstin are now working for WEC from a UK base in Coventry.


Nelson family in Paris

With great sadness, we learned of Edward’s tragic death in August 2020, as a result of a climbing accident. Edward and Laura have been involved in gospel ministry in Paris for many years. Laura and her family will continue the work there for the foreseeable future, and St John’s will continue to support them. More than 7,000 people have viewed both the French and the English memorial services for Ed. Please pray for the gospel impact of these and for the many family members, friends and teachers who attended.

Laura was born in Dorset and baptised at St John’s over 40 years ago. Edward, her husband of nearly 20 years, was half-French. They started their work in Paris in 2002 with the Groupes Bibliques Universitaires. From 2006, their work has been evangelism, encouraging church-planting and training gospel workers. They planted Eglise Protestante Evangelique des Ternes ( in 2007, in their area of central-west Paris – a wealthy, traditionally Catholic area with very little evangelical witness. Ternes Church has grown slowly from about 20 adults to about 80, with a good number coming from the local area. They have seen more than 20 baptisms and have been able to train many workers who have gone on to serve elsewhere, many in church plants. They were also personally involved in launching four other church plants.

Laura is going to continue to work for Ternes Church and in her voluntary role with an evangelical French publishing house. She will also continue her personal, church and conference ministry to women, as time permits. Her focus, and that of the children, remains sharing the gospel in a country where there are so few Christians or evangelical churches. Laura and Edward shared a passion for training up French-born gospel workers and to this end, Laura has been involved in setting up a Trust Fund in Edward’s name to support them in their calling. You can contribute at

Please pray for Ternes Church and the Assistant Pastor, Marc-Etienne, who has stepped up from Associate to lead the church family.

Ed and Laura’s 4 children are all keen to share the gospel with their friends at each of their different schools. Two of the boys are both involved with groups that encourage Bible study and evangelism among students.

Clearly, the family needs our support and prayers over the coming year as they adapt to life and ministry without their beloved husband/father. Please pray for wisdom and energy for Laura as she cares for and shepherds the children. Their gospel focus is inspirational as they continue to serve their Lord and Saviour in France.

Streetlight (Andy Putt)

Over the last year particularly, we’ve seen God transform the lives of many people – developing resilience in difficult home situations, overcoming anger, anxiety and depression and helping them thrive in an environment that’s giving them a real sense of purpose and family. For some young people, this has led them to come to our regular Bible study – attended by 15 young people every week. We explore the Bible together, followed by question and answer sessions. Over the last year, we’ve seen 5 young people become Christians – you can imagine how this gives me and the team amazing encouragement!

This year has been completely different to others, where we saw the government close our doors for 5 months.  This has brought a massive challenge in terms of money, but has brought opportunity that we never thought would come.  We have seen how much the young people value StreetLight, with some raising money for the centre to stay open after lockdown. Being able to support families at home and in their situations has been incredible, being able to share Jesus, pray for people and bless people has been a massive open door to people opening their hearts to Jesus.  As a result, conversations are continuing now we are back open.  Although there are times when finances are tight, God has always blessed and provided. That’s why we are so grateful to you as a church and individuals who give generously. It enables us to focus on our mission to build relationships and share the gospel with young people and families.

We would ask that you pray for the project; that we can reach those that don’t know Jesus and for the team to take StreetLight forward. Pray also for people to volunteer to be part of the café and centre teams.

Carlile College

Our vicar, Peter Breckwoldt, who is a visiting lecturer at Carlile College, writes:

“Declare his glory among the nations, his marvellous works among all the peoples!” Psalm 96:3 “For so the Lord has commanded us, saying, “‘I have made you a light for the Gentiles, that you may bring salvation to the ends of the earth.’” What encouraging verses of scripture to remind us that God’s vision for mission is worldwide. We see this in the work of Carlile College, from its base in Nairobi, Kenya in East Africa. Carlile College is an education ministry of Church Army Africa (CAA), an Anglican Society of Mission witnessing to the good news of the Gospel through proclamation, practical care and education. It began life by CAA with a group of eight students in 1958 undergoing basic training in evangelism. Today the college is led by the dynamic leadership of Revd Capt. Patience Wanzala in partnership with staff and students.

These are challenging times for God’s mission across the world. But praise God the Covid-19 pandemic did not take the Lord by surprise. The college is incredibly grateful to God for taking care of them and sustaining the training programmes so far. It has not been easy for the staff and students because of Covid-19 and just like any other institution they have been adapting to the ‘New Normal’ so as to keep themselves going. You can just imagine some of the difficulties that they are facing, however, the Lord has enabled them to keep going even when faced by fresh trials.

The college deeply appreciates our partnership in prayer and the resource support that we give from St John’s. I had hoped to visit the college in October 2020 as part of my annual visit to teach and encourage students and staff, but this has proved impossible because of the outbreak of the pandemic in Kenya and across the world. The continued partnership with St John’s is a valued source of encouragement to the college community. In the longer term the pandemic may help increase its impact of the college ministry and mission in the region. In the last six months, the college has been adapting and changing its way of working, giving both students and staff fresh hope and a reason to push forward despite the trials they are experiencing. Because God has been faithful, they have taken time to share their story of hope and resilience with others. They request as a priority that we pray for their ministry, so that we will be encouraged as we witness God’s blessing on their work as they continue to pray for us in Wimborne. So together let us thank God for his faithfulness during the time of Covid-19. Check out the web site for more details:

Here is a film update from Carlile College – June 2020



Tearfund St John's Church

Tearfund is a Christian relief and development charity following Jesus where the need is greatest in 50 countries around the world. They work through church-based partners to tackle poverty, disease, climate change and injustice, to respond to disasters and  to empower people to unlock their own potential. They campaign on issues which affect poor communities, and their current Reboot initiative asks us to join them in calling on the UK government to take a lead in delivering a greener, fairer recovery.

St John’s has supported Tearfund for many years, donating through our special offerings at Christmas and Harvest, plus designated gifts throughout the year (not including the annual Global Action appeal).

To date (end September) this year, we have been able to send £2,492.33 to Tearfund, the bulk of which will help families forced from their homes due to violence and conflict. We also donated £1,050 to the Shalom Project in Peru. As explained in the Annual Report, Shalom is no longer a Tearfund-linked project; our support will continue for the next two years but at a reduced level and not from Tearfund-designated giving.

Thank you for all your interest, prayers and generous support.

Find out more at:


We receive regular news and prayer requests from our partners and we encourage all church members to support one or more of them in prayer and, if appropriate, financially.

If you’d like to support our Global Action Partners, here’s what you can do:

  • Sign up for a regular prayer/newsletter from one (or more!) of the partners by contacting their link person (more information can be found on each partners’ page)
  • Pray for them regularly
  • Give a one-off or regular sum (more details are on our Financial Appeal Leaflet)

F.A.Q.s on Giving to Global Action

Who will the money go to?

To the Global Action account, which will enable the Global Action team to allocate to the partner who needs it that year. You may specify a partner.

If I give regularly must it be by Standing Order?

No, but it does significantly reduce the workload on our Treasurer, Peter Williamson, if you do.

Can I give from my CAF or Stewardship account?

Yes, this can be arranged.

Can this be done as part of my regular giving to the church by Standing Order?

Unfortunately this is not practical as it is a separate fund.

Who do I make a cheque payable to?

'St John’s Global Action'
For a giving form, please click here.

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