Global Action Partners

St John’s supports a number of partners working around the world to spread the good news of Jesus Christ. Many of them grew up in our fellowship, and all have a particular link with our church. Please look at the pages below to discover more about our Global Action Partners.

Our Global Action Financial Appeal leaflet for 2018/19 is available by clicking on the link.

John and Sarah

We have been in West Africa as a family since 2014. John serves an audiovisual technician, producing and training others to produce Bible-based media. He works with several language teams on various projects such as creating multi-voice dramatised audio Scripture recordings, dubbing The Jesus Film or The Story of Genesis, and recording local musicians singing original Scripture-based songs. He also co-ordinates distribution via wireless distribution hubs known as BibleBoxes. Sarah currently ministers at home, as wife and mother, and keeps us connected to you through newsletters, prayer updates and personal messages.

Pray that all who hear God’s word will truly engage with it and come to know Jesus better. Pray that we ourselves would be deliberate in growing in knowledge and love of God and His Word, so that this will overflow in our ministry to one another, our children and our neighbours.

David and Janet

We’ve been living in West Africa since January 2015. We are working with a nearby unreached people group, with the long-term goal of helping them to translate the Bible into their language. In order to do this, David has been learning the language and building relationships with different partners in the community. In addition to looking after their two children, Janet is working part-time analyzing some of the language. Together with the local community, we have spent the last 18 months or so creating a dictionary. Recently published, we praise God that it has been well-received and has opened a number of doors.

Now that the dictionary is finished, we hope, God-willing, to be ready to start translating portions of the Bible in about a year’s time. Before we can reach that point, we need to be sure that we understand well-enough how the language works so Janet needs to write-up a detailed linguistics paper. Additionally, David needs to do more research into the culture to better understand the beliefs and worldviews, and he needs to identify and train local translators. We would greatly value your prayers for all these things, particularly that we would make good decisions for the next steps in the project and wisdom for meeting the spiritual needs of the handful of believers.

 Frank and Hennie Gray

Frank Hennie St John's Church

Frank and Hennie live in Yate near Bristol. Frank has now retired from full-time work with Far East Broadcasting (FEBC) but is still involved with FEB Cambodia, serving on their interim board and conducting training. He is also a board member of FEBA-UK as well as First Response Radio. Hennie is quite busy as a local preacher with the Bristol Circuit of the Methodist Church.
Challenges for the coming year: While still working on digitising and organising my photos my main focus will be on writing up an account of my work in FEBC over the past forty years. There are very few who can remember how the ministry evolved and the factors that drove that expansion as God opened up doors of opportunity.

Malcolm and Kerstin Gray

WEC International reaches out to people who have limited or no access to the good news of Jesus Christ, particularly where there is no church. They work to establish worshipping communities among these people. WEC ( has around 1,900 workers, from 52 countries, serving in multicultural teams among nearly 100 unreached people groups.

Malcolm & Kerstin are now working for WEC from a UK base in Coventry.


Ed and Laura Nelson

Laura is from Dorset (baptised at St John’s 38 years ago) and Ed has a French mother and an American father. Since moving to Paris in 2002, they have been joined by Nicolas (12), Samuel (10), Alexandre (8) and Lucie (6).

When we came to Paris in 2002, we worked with the Groupes Bibliques Universitaires (French equivalent of UCCF). In 2006 we were involved in planting an evening congregation in central Paris which grew to 100 or so and we handed it on.  Church Planting in Paris.

In 2007 we were able to plant a church in our area of central-west Paris – a wealthy, traditionally Catholic area with very little evangelical witness. In God’s kindness the Eglise Protestante Evangélique des Ternes has grown slowly from 20 adults to about 100, with a high proportion coming from the local area. We have seen c.15 baptisms, and have had a series of ministry trainees/gospel workers who go on to serve elsewhere. Every Sunday we have visitors who do not yet know Jesus. Our priorities remain local evangelism, training gospel workers and encouraging church-planting. We have several church-planting projects in the pipeline; recently Ed has helped launch Eglise Connéxion at Châtelet which is thriving. We are currently helping with a new church plant in the St Lazare area (9th arrondissement) and preparing one in the 10th arrondissement ( near where the terrorist attacks took place last November). At the same time we are praying for growth at Ternes church where we are renting a bigger meeting room for the morning service. This years’ church ‘project’ is to become a church of ‘disciple-making disciples’.

A new challenge for us is adapting to Ed’s new role on the national evangelical council (CNEF) where he has a particular responsibility for encouraging church-planting initiatives across France.

Thank you for your support in financing the training of French workers and church-planting in Paris. Most of all, thank you for your prayers. Please keep praying for us: please pray for us to be godly parents, wise and faithful gospel ministers and humble friends of God. We’ll keep praying for you too!

Howard and Nora Norrish

Howard Nora St John's Church

We have been involved in Operation Mobilisation and the Muslim World for 50 years this year. We met on a summer team reaching Algerians in the bidonvilles of Paris in the summer of 1965. We got engaged the following year and St John’s commissioned Nora to the work in Jordan on 11 December 1966.
Thank you, St John’s, for your faithful prayer and support over half a century!

The mandate we accepted from God was to help His kingdom come in the Arab World. We have measured all we have done against this basic commitment. After our time in Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Cyprus and London, we are now based in Cambridge. On a local level we are able to befriend and pray for students from all round the world, especially the Middle East and south-east Asia.

 Our work with the leadership of OM/MENA (Middle East & North Africa) includes:

Consultation with our teams and others to discover new opportunities. Which doors is God opening? How can we enter? Even in the turmoil today, God is at work. It is harvest time and numbers of Muslims are discovering who Jesus is. Many faithful workers sowed the seed over many decades. We have the joy of seeing the fruit.

Recruiting and training is an important part of what we do. There are about 1,200 OMers specifically reaching Muslims somewhere in the world. If we are to reach all Muslim unreached people groups, we need many more workers.

Speaking at retreats and other meetings: Encouraging workers and informing the church worldwide of what God is doing in the Arab World and what it will take to complete the task of reaching every part of it with the gospel.

Visiting front-line workers for encouragement and to assess needs. In March we were very encouraged by our time in northern Iraq.

Please pray that we will know God’s priorities as we work and pray and be able to fulfil them in His strength.

There are many opportunities for long- and short-term service with OM. See

Streetlight (Andy Putt)

The vision of StreetLight is to work with local churches, schools, other organisations and individuals in Wimborne to be a community resource, initially focused around an indoor skate park and café, which provides a local facility that did not previously exist. StreetLight is an outreach project, seeking to share the gospel with young people, adults and families by actively demonstrating the Christian message to those who do not engage with church, and training others to do the same.

The story started in 2010 as a group of Christians going out into the community on a Saturday night with food and hot chocolate. In 2013, Andy felt that the time had come for the vision God had given him many years before to come to reality. This vision was to reach people through a Christian-run community centre, café and skate park. After a lot of prayer, seeking God and some pinpoint guidance, Andy stepped down from his role as youth leader at St John’s and started making that vision reality.

 It’s been an amazing journey so far: a massive amount of work resulted in an industrial storage unit on Stone Lane being transformed into The Streetlight Centre, which opened its doors in March 2014, complete with indoor skate park, café and children’s play area.

Thousands of people have since been through the doors; encouraging conversations about Jesus have taken place; a team of volunteers has been established to help in the skate park and to run the café; many events have been held, such as Carols by StreetLight, ladies’ and men’s events, children’s parties and a skaters’ Bible study. A number of churches and community groups are also now using it as a resource for their ministry.

Our heart and prayer is that people would call StreetLight home.  We have had a great chance to pray for people and share Jesus with them, and there are many stories of how StreetLight has changed people’s lives.

Want to get involved? There are many needs and many ways to help this project! StreetLight is looking to increase both its team of volunteers and the number of regular monthly supporters. If you’d like to offer practical, prayerful or financial support to StreetLight, contact Andy Putt on 01202 848355 or

Carlile College

During the last 12 months we have continued to actively support Carlile College and the student Broma Bashir from Sudan. Broma is coming to the end of his time with Carlile and he is very much in our prayers as he embarks on his ministerial life. In the coming year we will get some update of how this strategic training at Carlile College has equipped him for ministry.
In March 2016 Peter Breckwoldt had the privilege of going to Carlile College and undertaking a week of teaching on the vitally important subject of Church Growth and Church Planting. At the same time he had the opportunity for discussions with the senior management team, especially the Principal, Richard Mayabi. Together they saw how important it was for churches like St John’s to partner with the college in helping to train up evangelists and ministers across East Africa. He hoped that we would continue this organised partnership where we were able to supply teaching expertise, practical provision and prayer support. By undertaking this kind of action we will not only be helping students like Broma but widening the impact of our work. We experienced something of this over the summer of 2016 when we had a visit from Nancy Njagi from Carlile College.

Broma says: ‘Thank you so much for your prayers. The Lord is using me in so many ways. Please continue praying for me and my future work. Thanks.’ In addition to our existing global action partners, we have undertaken to support a student through theological training at this college in Nairobi. We would now ask that you prayerfully support financially the work and ministry of Carlile College.
Our vicar, Peter Breckwoldt, is a visiting lecturer at Carlile College.


Tearfund St John's Crurch

Tearfund is a Christian relief and development charity which works in the poorest countries in the world, ‘following Jesus where the need is greatest’, as their strap-line says. They seek to meet people’s material and spiritual needs by working through church-based partners and operational teams to tackle the world’s biggest challenges: poverty, disease, water and sanitation, disasters, climate change and injustice.
St John’s has supported Tearfund ( for many years. Over the last four and a half years, as well as donating to their general fund and to special appeals, we’ve developed a more personal link by supporting and keeping in touch with the Tearfund-linked Shalom Project in Peru. Shalom works with local churches to bring physical and spiritual help to communities living in poverty and at risk of environmental disaster in the Andean and Amazonian regions.

Tearfund receives our special offerings at Christmas and Harvest, plus designated gifts throughout the year (not including the Global Action weekend). While the major support goes to Shalom, we are also able to donate to wider needs: in 2016 this included gifts for crisis situations in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Chad.

Creative Access Nations

We also support several partners working in Creative Access Nations (Nations where access to Christian workers is difficult so other, creative, methods of access to the country are employed).

We receive regular news and prayer requests from them and we encourage all church members to support one or more of them in prayer and, if appropriate, financially.

If you’d like to support our Global Action Partners, here’s what you can do:

  • Sign up for a regular prayer/newsletter from one (or more!) of the partners by contacting their link person (more information can be found on each partners’ page)
  • Pray for them regularly
  • Give a one-off or regular sum (more details below)

F.A.Q.s on Giving to Global Action

Can I give to just one partner?

Yes, you may designate your giving in this way, or even to two partners. However, if you give undesignated to the Global Action fund this enables the team to adjust the giving each year as partners’ needs may vary.

If I give regularly must it be by Standing Order?

No, but it does significantly reduce the workload on our Treasurer, Peter Williamson, if you do.

Can I give from my CAF or Stewardship account?

Yes, this can be arranged.

Can this be done as part of my regular giving to the church by Standing Order?

Unfortunately this is not practical as it is a separate fund.

Who do I make a cheque payable to?

'St John’s Global Action'
For a giving form, please click here.

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